Real Estate Rehab Checklist: How To Quickly Estimate Repairs

By Gabriel

by Than Merrill | @ThanMerrill

Investing in a property with the intention of upgrading it and selling it for a profit is an excellent way to make money in real estate.

This process, also known as real estate rehabbing, consists of finding a property, assessing the property, making the necessary repairs to the property, marketing the property, and selling the property for, hopefully, a profit. You are probably familiar with this real estate exit strategy from popular TV shows like “Flip This House” on HGTV; however, the process is not as easy as these TV series’ make it seem.

Not to worry, our real estate rehab checklist is here to help you succeed.

Your Ultimate Real Estate Rehab Checklist

The best way to succeed as a real estate rehabber is by minding your due diligence before getting started in any deal. You must draft your business plan, find the perfect contractor, and market your finished property. If you need advice on the steps to take to achieve success, follow these 7 steps.

Estimating the repairs for a given property takes experience and expertise, which is why every real estate rehabber should always have this checklist on hand. I also want to encourage you to craft a real estate rehab business plan to facilitate such a checklist.

Never be caught off guard by problems with the foundation or issues with the HVAC system again. Check off every item on this list and you can be sure you haven’t missed a thing: